Fur Dressing
and Dyeing

About us

Company Profile

D.M. SA is a new generation fur dressing and dyeing company. Works with the most modern tanning technology combined with the experience and professionalism of our staff. We collaborate with international highly specialized staff (from Italy and Germany). In this way we are able to produce high quality items in different areas of expertise. Perform work of tanning, dyeing and special effects with particular attention to environmental impact. An immediate response to the market and the ability to guide and anticipate the needs, this is the methodology used for our customer satisfaction. We can achieve for you a sampling and production of color and discoloration of all type of fur for your company, exclusively. We are waiting with confidence for a successful collaboration.

Company’s Mission/Vision

To provide the highest quality in furs natural dressing and following procedures like bleaching and colors using the most updated products and techniques. Research and development are essential to study the solutions of tomorrow, reliable and with low environmental impact.


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14th Klm. Old National Road kastorias – Kozanis, 52200
Telephone : 24670 73485